Class-conscious fingernail-nibbler, plant-eating fútbol fanático.
Capitalism feeds the man with the gun and starves the man with the hoe.
From the May 11, 1912 issue of the New Times.

From the Industrial Pioneer, November 1923 issue.

Jesus saves, Gretzky scores! The workers slave, the rich get more. One wrong move we risk the Cup. Play the man, not the puck.
Lyrics from the song “Resisting Tyrannical Government” from Propagandhi’s album Less Talk, More Rock.

Here’s a fantastic example of an organizing journal - also an incredibly meaningful statement on being a parent and an organizer.  Thanks to Leo for sharing this piece! Hope to see you and B again this summer.



The Zapatista Escuelita (Zapatista Little School) project, which opened in August 2013, has now made available the first of several books, translated into English, as free PDF downloads.

The first in the series is the text, Autonomous Government 1: Freedom According to the Zapatistas. Download the PDF here.

Forthcoming books will be released in the coming months, at one month intervals, if not sooner, as follows:

    • Autonomous Government I (Available now: click here)
    • Autonomous Government II (Will be published no later than April 8th)
    • Participation of Women in Autonomous Government (Will be published no later than May 8th)
    • Autonomous Resistance (Will be published no later June 8th)

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Article here

Brown Rice



Green Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables

Peanut butter

Protein bars

Hey, whowuddathunk that the cheapest foods are all plant-based? *big vegan grin*

Definitely no need to go to Wisconsin!  Beautiful ice caves, NE Minneapolis style (sand bags included).

Minneapolis, 1934. Remember and honor those who came before us through movement and action.


Banner at last night’s Clapton FC game from the ‘Scaffold Brigada’ in solidarity with their friends at Mangotsfield United. Their fans group, the Inter Village Firm (IVF), have been banned by the football authorities from displaying anti-fascist and anti-racist banners at matches. It’s a move of staggering hypocrisy from an FA that is supposedly all about fighting discrimination in football.

You can read more about the situation for the IVF on this (brilliant) blog:

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